Playing Games

Player Tracking

When you come in, we'll give you a unique playing card. Whenever you order, you should remind the staff of your playing card. 

This will help us split bills easier when certain players need to leave early or arrive later than the rest of the party. 

More importantly, this leaves you free to roam around and potentially make friends at another table to play other games without worrying about your order :)

Just something we realised was unique to a social board game cafe with players potentially moving around.



Have a drink and a snack while you play your favourite board games or try some new ones!

A HKD 90 cover charge per person gets you 2 hours of play time and each additional half hour is HKD 10.

This however includes a HKD 40 credit towards any F&B spending!


Base membership benefits include:

  • HKD 80 for unlimited playtime
  • HKD 40 F&B credit each session
  • 10% Discount on all F&B spending
  • Unique benefits to be unlocked

Instead of being a given a card upon entering the shop, members will be given a special card to keep with them. Each member will be registered to their card's rank and suit so they can still enjoy the benefits if they forget the card. 

Special prizes and benefits can be won by members during tournaments or quiz nights that will be attached to the card. i.e. HKD 40 -> 50 credit per session, or 10% - > 15% discount to F&B spending


We'll occasionally have events in the games area such as movie screenings, trivia nights, or tournaments

We'll figure this out as we go along, but I'm a big fan of the pub quiz. 

Check the calendar for upcoming events!